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Picking Starts Again Monday, August 8th!
Pricing for strawberry picking is as follows:

Pint Container: $3 (holds about 1 1/2 pounds berries)
OR ...
Quart Container: $5 (holds about 3 1/2 pounds berries)

  Growing alongside the Hayloft Playscape & across the street from the Pond Side Animal Yard the strawberry field is planted in special 'Grow Bags' filled with coconut fiber.  Growing the strawberries in bags prevents spoilage from berries sitting in water as they are growing one foot over the ground - making picking easier as well!

Our plants are 'Ever Bearing' varieties                                                                      that offer staggered pickings in late June and early September.

Varieties for picking include Albion, Evie-2, Monterey, Portola & Seascape!   


March Farm  160 Munger Lane, Bethlehem, CT  06751  (203)266-7721

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